whatever I could find to fashion into something resembling a shelter, my makeshift homes away from home. Something I built with what I had available to me. Sometimes quite cleverly and sometimes, so ghetto it wasn’t even close to fabulous. But never the less, it was something I created … And I loved to build, to create, to adventure & explore. To dream ...

And yet, while there were moments of independence and solo-exploration, I craved the company, the collaboration, the joint venture. .

collaboration, the joint venture. For me, the shared moments and experiences were all the sweeter, and I recall countless adventures through the woods with my sister and various neighborhood friends, or with anyone who would respond to my ploys really ... “come this way. Quick! Over here! Just beyond this tree and across this creek, I have to show you something…”

If you’re like me, you savor a collaborative expedition alongside the people who inspire you most and teach you how to live